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First To Stop Fast-Breaking Attacks

In this climate of fast-paced attacks, every minute matters. Cybercriminals bank on the element of surprise. Benchmarking shows MailGuard is consistently between 2 hours and 48 hours ahead of the market in preventing fast-breaking attacks. 

MailGuard’s proprietary “Hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence)” approach is unique in predicting and learning about new and emerging threats. Combined with our cloud-based web and email solutions, MailGuard is uniquely positioned to apply immediate protection to users throughout the world.

Compatible With Any Email Platform

MailGuard provides both inbound and outbound email filtering with a simple MX record change. This means you can turn MailGuard email filtering on if you have on-premise Exchange Servers, use Google Apps for Work, Office 365 or any other hosted email solution.

A cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, MailGuard is interchangeable and stackable with other leading anti-virus (AV) engines, providing MailGuard customers in-depth security without the high costs. The MailGuard solution mitigates the threat of email phishing, spear phishing and malicious code attacks before they enter your network and immediately blocks 99.997% of spam.

MailGuard requires no additional hardware or software licensing or administrative costs, and can be deployed into existing on premise or cloud based services within hours. 

Fast, Reliable Service Ensuring Business Continuity

The MailGuard mail filtering network is a scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, load balanced mesh of clusters. MailGuard is governed by strict Service Level Agreements (SLA). We guarantee 100% email delivery and service uptime and offer rebates if service availability falls below 100%.

MailGuard's dynamic anti-spam engines, include proactive heuristic filters to reject incoming spam, enabling significant bandwidth savings. Layers of spam filters combine for advanced protection, performance and accuracy.

Supported by comprehensive email usage reports, MailGuard protects against the unauthorised distribution of confidential or commercially sensitive information by providing a 360 degree view of your inbound and outbound email traffic.