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email continuity

MailGuard Live

Fully Managed Secondary Email System

MailGuard Live is a fully managed secondary email system that should feature in any business continuity or business recovery plan. It provides employees with continuous access to their email in the event of a primary email server outage. All emails are still filtered via MailGuard’s enterprise-grade email filtering offering protection against threats like phishing, spear-phishing, malware and spam.

Automatic Queuing Of All Sent and Received Email

MailGuard Live automatically queues all sent and received messages to and from an activated domain for a rolling period. If your server is unavailable, you can activate MailGuard Live, ensuring your queue becomes static, so that no email is deleted. New and recent email is available via a webmail client and securely queued for delivery to your server as soon as it is back online.

Full Email Productivity

MailGuard Live goes beyond traditional email continuity, not only guaranteeing email delivery via queuing, but providing full email productivity – including sending, receiving, reading and composing emails – in a fully functional email environment, with full access to your personal address book. Your employees will have access to the webmail client by an authenticated log-in.