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email archiving


Secure Email Archiving and Real-Time Retrieval

SafeGuard provides a constant and real-time service to access your encrypted, forensically in-tact archive of every email sent or received by your business. Email retrieval can be done by sender, recipient, date, time, subject, body and attachments, just as they were originally sent or received.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

From a legal and regulatory standpoint, deleting email is potentially very dangerous.Email and other electronic content can contain critical business records, and to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements many organisations prefer to maintain an archive of those business records.

SafeGuard email archiving allows your business to meet legislative requirements to store email correspondence, with the peace of mind that you have retained secure copies of all email messages from your workstations or servers – regardless of whether it has been deleted.

Unlimited Storage, As Long As You Need It

With SafeGuard, storage is for 3 years with unlimited capacity. SafeGuard stores your email archive in geographically dispersed data centres. The underlying Tier 4 infrastructure provides the highest level of security, designed to host business-critical data, it operates under stringent security and controlled access processes.